First Drop Foundation

Humanitarian Aid

Cost of Living Assistance
It aims to support needy segments of citizens, ease their burden of living, and contribute to meeting their urgent life needs and requirements, through paying them a financial assistance.
  1. A letter from the applicant, stating the reason for applying for the assistance.
  2. The original CPR card of the husband, wife and family members.
  3. Original and copy of the marriage contract.
  4. Original and copy of the divorce certificate of the divorced man or woman.
  5. Copy of the child custody stating the responsibility of custody (in the case of divorce).
  6. Copy of the wife abandonment certificate (in the case of abandonment).
  7. Income statement of the employed couple (true copy) sealed with original stamp if issued by e-Government, and must be no later than 3 months.
  8. Civil Defense report (in the case of fire incidentss).
  9. Official financial obligations only (certificate of indebtedness from the bank, and bank statement shall not be accepted).