First Drop Foundation

Humanitarian Aid

Medical Assistance
It aims to support citizens who are exposed to health problems by paying them a financial medical assistance specified according to the type of disease.
  1. A letter from the applicant for medical assistance, stating the nature of the disease and treatment required.
  2. The original smart card of the husband, wife and family members.
  3. Copy of the birth certificate of the patient if he is under 18 years.
  4. Copy of the child custody stating the responsibility of custody (in the case of divorce).
  5. A recent medical report (only one), no later than six months, sealed with the original stamp of the hospital (preferably in Arabic).
  6. Income statement of the employed couple (true copy) sealed with original stamp if issued by e-Government.
  7. Income statement of the couple in the case of entrepreneurship and existence of commercial registers.
  8. Official financial obligations only (certificate of indebtedness from the bank or a bank statement for the last three months).