First Drop Foundation

Orphans and Widows

Psychological Counselling

Through the Counselling Centre, FDF helps orphans and widows to positively adapt to the conditions of their loss, and supports them in overcoming the psychological pressures and difficulties they face or may face in the future in order to develop their psychological and social adjustment.

  1. Therapeutic objectives: Provision of free psychological counselling for those suffering from any psychological problems related to their loss.
  2. Preventive objectives: Provision of programs and activities for all those sponsored by FDF to early detect any psychological problems and avoid them in the future.
  3. Development objectives: Development and promotion of the positive aspects of those sponsored to reach a better life.
  1. Orphans and widows, both sponsored and non-sponsored by FDF.
  2. If the orphan’s age is less than 18 years, the guardian’s consent to the psychological counselling acknowledgement must be obtained.
  3. To personally attend the initial interview with specialist.
  4. To agree to the psychological counselling acknowledgement.
  1. Cases that have been treated successfully as per the set plan.
  2. Violate one of the conditions of the psychological counselling agreed on.
  3. Cases that wish to end the treatment process after discussing the reasons with the counsellor.
  1. The Centre receives all cases of psychological disorders except for the following cases:
    • Sexual abuse.
    • Mental disorders.
    • Infectious diseases.
  2. The treatment process does not involve giving or using any type of prescriptions.
  3. FDF shall not issue any kind of medical reports or therapeutic certificates for any entity.
  4. All data and information on the psychological, family and professional status shall be kept confidential in accordance with the Centre’s regulations.
    1. Call at the numbers below during the official working hours from 8:00 am – 01:00 pm.
    Office No.: 08130888171
  1. Visit FDF’s headquarters at Ikosi Ketu.